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    Backyard Before, Luxury Oasis After!

    Written by Royce Norman It’s very rare to have an opportunity to design and build a project of this scale. When the home owners approached us and asked to design a pool, they…

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    RT Construction Doing it Right!

    Written by Amy Smith When you come across someone in life who has perfected their craft, they make it seem effortless the way an Olympic ice skater makes ice skating look easy. …


    Sorteo Tec 198

    Join us for the presentation of Sorteo Tec’s 198 unveiling. Modern meets the comforts of home in a nuevo modern fusion that inspires at every turn!

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    Sorteo Tec 196

    El Proyecto 196 es un proyecto estilo Minimalista construida en la Ciudad de Monterrey, Nuevo León. Se buscó integrar el exterior con el interior de la…

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    Garden Ornaments

    Written by Eddie Reyes   There has been much written about the importance of focal points in the landscape. If you’ve considered adding an ornament to…


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