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The Art of Communication

by Ole Decor


The VTX1 Corporate Headquarters is all about effective communication and how our surroundings can make us feel different about work.

With the age of technology speeding us quickly through the first and second decades of the millennium, we may sometimes stop to ponder how all this communication is made possible.  Well, thanks to the hard working folks at VTX1 Communications, LLC Corporate Headquarters in Raymondville, TX, we have our answer: at least in part.  The brand new building built by Will Haraway, is a genuinely beautiful example of how surroundings can make a difference in how we feel about our work and how well designed spaces can boost productivity levels.

This magnificent facility, that is just under 15,000 square feet, supports the functions of Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Training, Executive offices, Customer Service and more for VTX1 Communications. When you step inside, you get the feel that it’s more than just a business; it’s also a community and communications training center with a step up into the dynamics of life and work styles.

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Mrs. Marilyn Osborn, who helped in the décor process, guided us on a tour filling in details about how and why each design was implemented for each segment of the facility. She explained how it was designed for individual departments with consideration for how they function.  When I asked for Marilyn’s synopsis of the décor/design, she replied “Southwestern with an eye to the future.”

Southwestern it is.  Nestled into the mesquite and live oak in an almost ranch-like setting, the backdrop of this building’s location is iconic Texas topography. The natural stone and custom landscaped exterior gives one the laid back feeling of arriving at a five-star retreat in the hill country.   This was no ordinary building and no ordinary project.  Cactus with rock ground cover that is set in Texas-wide proportion along the walkways express the beauty of south Texas in an artistic presentation.  It is a well-chosen design for the exterior and it is as welcoming on the outside as on the inside.

Screen shot 2014-01-24 at 6.25.02 PM

Inside, the high ceilings and solidly natural and beautiful materials give a Texas welcome to the communication industry and guests.  Windows framed with brushed steel and rugged, yet softly textured stone comprise the structure of exterior and interior walls.  The structure is sound and the windows are hurricane resistant.  Wooden furnishings and Texas flags and plaques give a historical and honoring esteem to the welcoming reception area.  If coming to take care of business, the wide open area and welcoming surroundings make you feel as though you are a guest instead of just a customer.  The adjacent drive-thru payment center is convenient and easily accessible to receive customers: a nice alternative during inclement weather or the summer heat.

Just down the hall and centrally located, is a lunch and break room dedicated to hard-working employees who may at times need to be working long shifts.  When it’s break time or lunch time, vending machines stand service ready with an appetizing assortment. Two microwaves were installed to be available for time-sensitivity reasons. Ample refrigerator space and a full kitchen accommodate training groups, employees, and the community when needed. Indoor tables overlook the courtyard with an alluring view of the southwestern Texas sky and landscape. There is a pleasant outdoor seating area that looks out into the countryside, providing a rejuvenating balance between work and surroundings.

Screen shot 2014-01-24 at 6.43.21 PM

There is also a training facility purpose in the building for which a classroom was designed.  The training classroom has the feel of enduring quality. State of the art audio-visual equipment, a big screen, and a group centered u-shape table configuration are conducive to learning. The windows (hurricane proof throughout) have clean lined blinds that offer benefits whether open or closed.  When open, the lovely scenic courtyard is in view and when closed, visual presentations are easier on the eye.  The room is large enough to accommodate an average classroom sized group in comfort and to encourage the learning objective of the room.

Offices line the wide hallways, and an open space on the east side of the building denotes the financial wing.  Cubicles are spacious with large walkways in between.  A mid-section copy center has counter space for laying out more than one project at a time.  A financial conference room that is an integral part of team coordination was being used by VTX1 staff even as we walked by.  Offices are endowed by function, many with granite tables for management meetings that are part of the lux materials the hardworking staff is appreciative to utilize.  The materials used for production spaces were part of the design as well.

Screen shot 2014-01-24 at 6.25.27 PM

Mr. John Bradford, Director of Business Development at VTX1 Communications, said that productivity has gone up in the new building.  Before they were crowded and now with the advantage of space everything just flows better.  The overall larger space and design has allowed the staff to breathe.

Down another impressive hallway, the communications department takes its place in the functional layout of the east wing. An open space again provides a comfortable production area with an eye out for the team coordination of this segment of the business.  Offices once again line the hallways of this east wing and peaceful employees remain attentive to their tasks as the layout permits such flow.

The design of the executive conference room at the end of the hallway is one of great detail to give rise to the forward movement of the technology industry. There is an impressive granite oblong table that houses an audio-visual tech station.  Electrical outlets pop up when needed and can be retracted flush with the table surface when not in use. Distance conferencing and training is now possible for meeting with other communications executives and staff across the state, the country, or the world.

The conference room décor is complete with plush chairs and a smooth wooden flooring underlayment for accessibility and ease of movement. The space has all the amenities: a refrigerator, serving cabinetry with storage, and a private restroom.  The big screen and audio/video capabilities again are the highlighted showpieces of the design of the space.  Colleagues from another location can view the entire room and join in the meeting from anywhere with reciprocal technology as though everyone were attending the same meeting.

Screen shot 2014-01-24 at 6.25.12 PM

The CEO’s office has a San Antonio laid back hill country style that fits incredibly well here in South Texas and makes you feel at home.  The décor includes a full-size saddle, an amazing metal sculptured cactus lamp, and beautifully lighted open cabinetry that was custom made to fit the theme of the office.

Screen shot 2014-01-24 at 6.25.18 PM

Technology is moving forward at high-speed here in south Texas, but that doesn’t mean we have forgotten our roots.  We still know where we are on the planet and welcome you with a smile and some comfort.  And, if you get us on the right day, some pancakes hot off the griddle.

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