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    Where Can You Use Glass When Building Your Home?

    Written By Eddie Reyes As an architectural element, glass has become the quintessential product for your home or building. Designers play a key role in the selection and…

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    Home Sweet Home

    Written By Linda Lewis This issue’s remodeled home in Mission, TX was transformed from traditional to contemporary over a number of years. The homeowners moved into their 15,000…


    Sorteo Tec 200

    Los interiores de la Residencia 200 pertenecen a un Estilo Contemporáneo Mexicano, donde las áreas sociales presentan espacios abiertos, provocando sensación de amplitud y profundidad, con…


    Pick a Pool!

    Written by Eddie Reyes There’s nothing like installing a concrete swimming pool to one-up your neighbor’s aboveground version. Consider your options and obligations before breaking ground,…


    Insert Family Here!

    Written by Amy Smith Villanueva Construction has been quite the buzz on social media lately. Customers are raving about their homes online and tweeting some pretty…

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    Sorteo Tec 199

    Ubicada en una de las zonas mas exclusivas de San Pedro Garza Garcia en Nuevo Leon, Mexico. El Proyecto 199 del Soreto Tec es unico, lleno…


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