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by Ole Decor Magazine

When you are looking to build a new home, you must find a builder you will have confidence in. Finding a builder that works for you is no easy task, but when you visit with Treviño Construction you will know you have found the right one. Owner Mario Treviño is a young man with over a decade of experience. His passion and attention to detail will help you realize the home you desire.

Mario, as his clients like to call him, is the youngest builder in the valley. His successes at a young age are a testament to his talent for building homes. His homes are built to fulfill clients’ needs and to meet their budget. He likes to say: “I fit design into the budget.” His passion for drawing and design fuels him in each project. He is hands-on in every aspect of the work.

“His successes at a young age are a testament to his talent for building homes.”

For example, when picking materials for the interior of a home, he meets the client at the store. He shows up hours in advance of his appointment and puts items together to make the selection process easier for them. When you speak to him about his work, you can see the passion in his eyes for what he is creating. Through his descriptions, he builds you a mental picture that allows you to see the end result. Ultimately, his work speaks for itself. For him, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Mario was educated in the valley. The character that he needed to succeed at school was molded by his grandmother and his mother. If he faltered at school, they taught him that “falling isn’t the problem it’s knowing how to get up and correct your path that makes you a man.” He took inspiration from their encouragement and graduated from PSJA North and then earned a degree from South Texas College.

“Falling isn’t the problem it’s knowing how to get up and correct your path that makes you a man.”

After graduation, he started in sales with a local builder and ultimately learned every aspect of home building. Within a few short years, he developed a desire to become his own boss and to be the best in his trade. He began to take an interest in elevating standard building materials through creative design. His special attention to details helps him to create a cohesive environment. He compares this approach to cooking. The dish you prepare may have the same name as someone else’s, but the ingredients you use give it your own flavor.

Treviño Construction is six times, back-to-back, award winner for design in the Parade of Homes and also recognized as the youngest builder with success in the Rio Grande Valley. It is no coincidence that Treviño Construction has succeeded. It is fueled by desire, creativity, and thinking outside the box, that has put him where he is today. When asked what inspires him, he loses himself in thought and says My Passion for my clients’ new home and the desire to build something nobody else has.

He also humbly adds that he cannot take all the credit for his success, because it’s a talent that was given to him, by our Christ Jesus, and he is only His instrument through which He works.

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